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Triband Mobile Booster

HIGH POWER 2G + 3G Triband Mobile Signal Boosters For All Networks Of India only for MUMBAI with installation and onsite support and warranty by Antenna E Mobile Solutions.

Low Cost : ₹18,000/- || High Power : ₹45,000/-


3G Mobile Signal Booster

HIGH POWER & LOW POWER 3G Mobile Signal Boosters For All GSM Networks Of India only for MUMBAI with installation and onsite support and warranty by Antenna E Mobile Solutions.



2G Dual Band Mobile Booster

HIGH POWER & LOW POWER 2G Dualband Mobile Signal Boosters For All GSM Networks Of India only for MUMBAI with installation and onsite support and warranty by Antenna E Mobile Solutions.



Yagi Antenna For Mobile Booster

Wide-band Yagi antenna is compatible with all 4G/LTE/xLTE data services from all major cellular service providers.



Patch Panel Antenna Mobile Booster

4-5 dbi Patch Panel Antenna 700-2700 Mhz



Omni Antenna Mobile Booster

Easy-to-install permanent mount omni-directional antenna improves transmit and receive signals for all 3G and 4G/LTE, xLTE, AWS frequencies on Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and many other cellular operators worldwide.



Low Loss Coaxial Cable N Male to N Male Connectors

N type Male to Male low loss coaxial cable can connect with any 50 ohm signal boosters, splitters, tap and indoor outdoor antennas. Different length selectable for convenient extend your project.

10 Feet : ₹999/- | 20 Feet : ₹1999/-
30 Feet : ₹2999/- | 100 Feet : ₹10000/-



High quality and durable N male coaxial connector.



Why Weak Mobile Signal Problem Exists In spite of so many Cell Towers? What are the different causes of Weak Mobile Signal?

Distance From The Mobile Phone Tower This is a no-brainer. The farther away you are from a cell tower, the weaker the mobile signal gets which leads to the ‘fish tank’ voice and the constant. “I couldn’t hear you, could you say that again” moments. And oh yes, the dreaded one bar of service.

Over-Crowded Cell Towers Ever been to a festival or concert and find your mobile signals to be super slow? That’s because you and the other thousands are competing for a slice of that cellular 3G & 4G pie. So at best you get slow speeds, at worst, you’ll consistently be kicked off the congested network.

External Obstructions So mobile signals are basically radio waves(AM/FM kind) that can cover long distances. However, they’re easily phone to be disrupted. So unless you have a direct line of sight to the tower. Trees, tall structures(buildings, billboards), hills, mountains are external clutters that weaken your mobile signal.

Internal Clutter Most cell phone calls are made indoors. Yet being indoors is where mobile signal struggles to get in. Building material such as metal, glass, concrete and energy-efficient material can slow or stop your mobile signal from coming in. Thick walls don’t help either.

Low Battery As your smartphone starts to drain power and reach low battery levels, it doesn’t have the strength to do important things like maintaining a signal.

Mobile Signal Booster in Bombay amchi Mumbai

Do you have problem with a weak mobile signal and your call is dropping.
Weak signal is our problem. We will provide the solution of it. We offer you 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal boosters at very cheap prices. With our Mobile Signal Booster you can prevent dropped calls and improve your voice clarity. Our signal booster works for all networks for example Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, MTNL, BSNL etc in Mumbai and all over India. We can install it’s at your home, office, basement .
We have been providiing installation services of Mobile Network Booster for more than 20 years.
So we have done extensive research, the result of our research is the most effective signal solution.. You may need to deal with weak signal in your office or home. Our cell phone booster has maximum production power.We understand the importance of your cellular signal.
We are Wholesale manufacturers Supplier installation service provider of all type of signal amplifier and repeater in all major cites of India. Such as Goa, Pune, Nasik, Navi Mumbai juhu, colaba, bandra, Zaveri bazar, lower parel, Andheri, Powai, grant road, thane, bhiwandi, marine lines, ghatkopar, Goregaon, badlapur,CSTM, panvel, belapur, Kharghar, Kalyan, tilak nagar etc.

No worries if you are not completely satisfied with our Signal Booster. You can return the booster within 30 days. We will refund you.
As mobile communication technology is growing in all around the world and people are not live without mobile but cell phone signal is very poor which has needs to full network for connoting each other and many places or inside of home is not available full mobile signal because of people cannot talk to each other.
So we are offering the latest Mobile Signal Booster of all networks 2G 3G 4G Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Relince Jio, MTNL, BSNL with data and voice both at resemble price and same cost in Mumbai and all over India. We listen to your needs, and we will help you to choose the best mobile signal booster which will be completely useful to you. We know that you may need help at any time This is the reason that whenever you need help, we can help you.
We have available many type of signal amplifier which you can see below and call us for installation service.

How Do Boosters Work?
What is Cell Phone Signal Booster?
Mobile phone signal booster or repeater is composed mainly of three elements - external antenna, repeater and internal antenna. All of these works together to get the existing mobile signal from outdoor and provide it inside of your house.
We will tell you how to strengthen mobile signals within your home with the help of cell phone signal booster. And all the boosters available to us will be shown to you. So that you can choose the boosters as needed at home.
Generally, cell phone signal booster works as repeater system. In the process, the work is done to strengthen the signals present in different directions with the help of the amplifier. Nowadays there are many types of Signal Booster available in the market. The working process of all mobile signal boosters is roughly the same. Whether it is a mini signal booster or high power mobile signal amplifier, it usually starts from 7DBM to maximum up to 10DBM

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception?
In the past 20 years, there has been a lot of increase in the ownership of mobile in India, where 100% of India's people have cell phones. Unfortunately, the mobile network is getting weaker instead of home and most people think that they cannot do anything to improve their cell phone reception, it is not true. There are many types of repeaters for boost mobile signal, which are being explained below, that can make your mobile signal magically, to ensure better mobile coverage.
1. To get full mobile signal you should go at a higher altitude, either you need to stay in the higher places, so that the obstacles can be overcome, or you currently release the house from the obstructions.
Not all phones are made equal, some phones are very good to use the network, such as small keypad phones, and some are quite awesome. Like iphone.
2. When you have to talk to the phone, then you need to move forward or outside the window. Do not try to call of inside buildings or underground. Large structures Bali buildings are not suitable for an adequate cell phone signal. If you are having a reception problem on the road, then try to move to the nearest intersection, as there you can get better coverage.
Cellular band radio waves cannot penetrate effectively inside walls. If you are underground then you will not get any mobile network.

How to Mobile Signal Booster Work?
Installing a mobile phone signal booster is very simple. Follow our 10-minute easy set-up process properly. And easily you can install it’s on your own at home and office.

2 step set up
1. You should install the external antenna in the place where you are getting good signal reception. And connect the external antenna with long cable form booster.
2. Then connect the indoor antenna with booster and plug it into the power cord in the power point.

Benefits of Using Mobile Signal Booster
India is the second largest nation in terms of population and almost every people has a mobile phone here but there are serious problems of poor network. For this, you need to install a mobile signal booster at your home. There are many major advantages.
There are many mobile signals booster installation service providers in India. If you are stay where no network coverage, then you can use a mobile signal booster at your home or office and you can get a strong network in your house. It boasts of various telecommunications providers and everyone can get clear coverage.
Whether it is a city or a village, you can set up a network booster to meet the needs of communication.

More Advantages of Booster are as below:
If you live in a rural area or basement and you do not have a network at all, then you will benefit from additional coverage provided by this mobile signal booster. You can use online documents and sites on the Internet as well as your business will grow and your customers will be more satisfied.
If you are a business owner and your entire business runs through online internet and mobile phones, such as cafes, hotels or tourist sites, signal booster can help you a lot. That will make your customer customers happy.